Saturday, October 29, 2011

Truth and Dare

I'm terribly terrifically drunk on plonk, and in honor of Hallowe'en I'm about to screen "The Exorcist" in the dark, alone, at midnight. "Sleepy Hollow" was not nearly enough tonight.

You can't have any idea how long it took to edit that intro into coherence. If I never post again it's because of what I am about to do. I know you wish me luck.

PS I have a sock-monkey and some cinnamon gum. I'll be OK.

Wow, is that pajama set awful. Rats sound like they are coughing.

0:17:19 Ooh, there's the theme ... annnnd nothing happens. Tangerine Dream, indeed.

0:20:35 Father Karras lives in a neighborhood so poor they can only afford one color per graffiti.
Tough times.

0:24:48 Switching to mint gum. Regan has the Ouija board. Doesn't it get freaky soon? Nope.

0:25:39 No offense, but isn't Regan like 16 here? She's not the sharpest bulb in the henhouse, is she?

0:30:36 Jeeze, put out some Buckleys for those rats. I feel for them.

0:32:24 The attic has no dressmaker's dummy in it. I have Queeg-bearings now, but they're not needed. Were we really so afraid of mundane things becoming sinister in the 70's? No wonder valium.

0:36:37 Oh, cut from Greek Uncle saying "Do you have the money" for private care to frustrated boxing priest to cocktail party of the Liberal dilettantes. Director-guy is a drunken dick. OK, he's for the chop.

0.50:00 Regan wets herself in front of company. It's only horror if you entertain and have kids.

0:47:33 OK, just assume you'll need this procedure, where they shoot you in the neck with a massive needle and drag you through a noisy machine. Trust me.

0:40:12 The adolescent girl shouting obscenities is pretty shocking. Pre-Internet. I can get those zombie contacts for $80 now.

0:54:09 That paisley scarf is meaty.

0:57:48 Ellen Burstyn kind of sucks. At lifting this script out of the toilet. Why was anyone ever scared of this?

0:59:36 Regan grabs psychiatrist by the stones and bears him to the ground. Again, pre-Internet we would not have imagined people paying to have this done.

1:02:00 Wait, what desecration? Could I have blinked and missed that? There was some black cone crap on the Virgin or something unspeakable, I sort of remember from years back. Not actually freaking myself out right now. Loud music would help to cue my fear. Whatever.

1:03:02 "Maybe somebody crazy, someone with a spite against the Church, some kind of unconscious rebellion". Unthinkable.

1:15: 46. The crisis plorsgeret me, morly 6he oasio oimn

Fell asleep while typing last night. Not typing in tongues, or backwards. Cannot figure out what I meant there. Not going back to see what was happening at 1:15:46, because it clearly did not drive me mad.

 I remember when good, decent people would swallow their tongues and run gurgling through plate-glass to avoid seeing this film. Now it looks inept. There are no characters I actually like -- which, granted, is usual for a misanthrope like me.

I do like how much fun the devil is having, though. Clean him up and he's a lot like my buddies in high school. A LOT like them, actually.

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