Friday, November 18, 2011

Xmas Dinner

Already looking forward to the Holidays, and the Xmas gorge-and-drink-a-thon.

One half of my people didn't invent any food; not cheese, nor decent sausage with fricking fennel, they just ate whatever they could find. All of it. 

Except for Hard Sauce: they invented Oreo filling, rolled it into balls and then fought each other to the death for it. 

That's considered a "rare treat" because our "stuffing" predates turkeys and involves a Lot of Balls.

It's mostly balls, with organs and stolen horsefeed, actually.
And entrails. Stuffed right into those bulging entrails.

Mmmm, entrails ... 

Wait a minute -- hard sauce, Brussels Sprouts, baked testicles? It's all balls!
Man, we are all about the balls for the holidays. I have eaten so very many.