Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There is a line between pets and robot slaves. This is why I will not buy a robot pet, or even plastic plants.

Yesterday both my fridge and my fish died.

I loved that little yellow Betta with orange fins and blue highlights. He ate from my hand and watched me whenever I was in the kitchen. My little buddy.

Junior never gave him a name, but I promised him that I would never neglect him like his three predecessors (the fish, not Junior, of course), and that I would always change his water before the tank got really green even though he can breathe air if he wants and evolved to live in dirty puddles in Thailand.

I meant that, but I never promised my stupid fridge ANYTHING because it wasn't a prisoner, it was an EMPLOYEE who had ONE JOB to do and never stopped complaining about it!

The whining never stopped, and I ended up just smacking it as I passed by to make it quiet down. Shut Up, you ungrateful appliance!!