Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not "fat" just friendly.

I used to live in the nicest, most integrated neighborhood in the area. Every kind of person who could afford 50% more rent than the rest of the city lived there in old rental units that were beautifully kept up and reasonably spacious. 

Everyone got along well, and there were great little restaurants with cheap but excellent lunch specials. The scenery and the people-watching were unparalleled. Everyone seemed to own a dog, and there were all kinds, even unto a number of Great Danes.

In the summer, art galleries would mount outdoor sculptures by various artists along the beach walks to surprise and delight the locals. There was Tai-Chi and yoga in the parks and green-spaces and outdoor and indoor chess  almost everywhere there was a table. People flew beautiful kites along the short stretch of beach, and we were a short walk from the bustling downtown, with its theaters, cinemas, malls and and pretentious restaurants and nightclubs.

Every year there was a world-class fireworks festival in August and the streets would be jammed with tens of thousands of people from all around.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome Aboard, it's LOVE!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love for Everyone

Thank heaven for the lover(s) and friends who make living worthwhile; rest assured that your love will deepen and grow as the years pass, and that life has many more treats in store for you both.
Milk of Human Kindness is sweet and filling, and it will keep your heart young. Science has proven that it will prolong your body as well as your soul's melody.

Finding each other really meant something, and changed the path of your lives. If anyone can make a difference in this crazy, hurly-burly world, even just to each other, it's you two!
It's suddenly possible now. Now that you're no longer alone.
Congratulations! Enjoy the day. 

Seriously. I'm happy for you.

We looked up and found another Special Moment to Treasure for Always.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tonight before the poker game I was sitting with John, who is very Zen, being deaf and for all I know, mute.
I like him. He is very relaxing to be with, and his hand shakes when he's got great cards.

This happens:

Ancient Bart, beard like a shoe-brush, dressed as always in his flannels, down vest and baseball cap, collars me, pulls a baggy out of his back pocket and says "Wouldya smell that?" while fixing me with his beady eyes.

People there are always trying to sell each other things, most recently golf-club covers, of all things. I saw no immediate harm in it.

Fool. It was something biological.

What was I to do? 
What would you?

Life in Our Fishbowl - Updated:

As I posted earlier, we got a new Betta and two replacement neons. Everyone seems happy.

Day 1:
Last night 3 neons were brutally slain. 3 Black-stripe tetras have nothing to say without the Betta present. I'm looking at you, Mr. Catfish, a.k.a "The Cleaner". You know something.

Day 2:
OK, earlier the largest black tetra was looking kind of beat up and concussed. The betta was hanging close to him, claiming he was helping him swim. Now that tetra is just gone. I know he has been terminated and stuffed in the weeds, just like one of the neons was this morning.

I am registering "Underground Fish-Fighting Ring" so that I can use it exclusively.