Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pish-Posh Challenge Week Two

The Pish-Posh 8-Week Challenge:

Week Two

This week I am proud to say that I walked 21.76 miles and burned 2359 calories, which is the equivalent of a whole pizza. Without toppings.

Still, let's see, I lost a total of ... +1 pounds.

I gained a pound.

This is puzzling; I have eaten exactly according to plan. Except when I deviated a few times, like that Chinese restaurant food, that Mexican meal I cooked, and that veggie pizza. But these were necessary to stay social with my wife. She's certainly not on a diet, and can't be expected to eat what I choose to.

Believe me, presenting diet food to her is only slightly less dangerous than handling your very first fire.

On an oil-rig.

So I'm waddling a fine line to keep this fragile peace. Cooking and cleaning two separate meals is not practical. I'd never get out of the kitchen.

Still, I got outside a bit and kept to the good habit I wanted to institute. If I keep that up I might successfully fight off gravity in the near future. As it is, I am only a few burgers away from my melting point. So those were also not good to have eaten. But when the wife offers you a burger, refusing it is not actually an option.

But I can't blame everyone else for everything. "No" is a word I mean to learn to employ.

"No" thanks, I had enough.
"No" I don't need to fill my plate.

"No" I don't need to taste something "new".

"No" I'm OK without wine tonight.

"No" seconds, please.

"No" cheese on mine.

"No" butter, thanks.

"No" dessert tonight, I'm on a mission.

"No" snacks needed. I'm just here to: play poker/watch a movie/get a haircut.

So I would call this a holding action this week. I need to gain ground by losing weight now to keep my morale fresh. Boredom will kill my willpower faster than outright defeat. So I will resolve again to eat less, and sleep more, and keep the walking up. 

I'm running a little bit, and with luck I could maintain it and be cutting my exercise time down a bit, and get some cardio and feel like a youngster again. A lot of luck.

This could be me. If they could transplant more hair from my head to my pits.

 And no cheese, meat, sugar, or fat. No problem. Oh, and no nuts.

Put those down right now.

 And lots of jogging.


 To avoid this:
I will post my fattest picture from the last decade if I fail this challenge. That's a terrible promise.


Minor issues at home meant I did not get to eat before I went to the pub for poker. Ordered fish and chips, both items for the first time in years. Excuses out the wazoo: too hungry, might be comfort food, didn't want to drink on an empty stomach, hadn't tried their food yet. 

I can still feel it hours later, and it's not what my system is used to. The worst option I could have chosen of the tiny menu. Nobody's fault but mine. 

I keep forgetting why I don't have greasy food, like the fish and chips last night: NO GALL BLADDER. 

So my liver sees all that oily starch going past, and laughs over its shoulder:

"You got that, right, gall bladder? Right? ... aw DANG!" noticing the empty spot, and scrambles to do its best without any bile. 

Which means it treats everything with MAXIMUM POSSIBLE REJECTION. 

Luckily I had no cheese, which resists like Kryptonite and causes chaos. 
Just greasy fish and chips. 

The Upshot: After a horrible morning, I'm down two pounds.

Well, back to the straight and narrow path.

"I'm not a dog, and I don't live for treats"

*     *     *

"I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me."

The patron saint of foundering self-esteem. But doggone it, I do like him.


  1. Have you considered Ayds?

    1. I can't get that link on my phone, but I just bet Jarod has them.

      So they're probably a good idea.

  2. 2359 calories is be pizza. That made me chuckle but it sure does feel like that. Hahah. Do you want to....this is when you interrupt and so no thanks. I'm good.

  3. NO! No thank you. Unless you really want to. Sure, OK, sorry to be brusque.

  4. Sounds promising. But where can I get Ayds today?

    I wonder where their marketing guy ended up. It could only have been uphill from that campaign.

  5. NO! No means NO! Sorry, it was just such a stressful day. I don't mean to be rude. Listen, I'll cook you that casserole you like.

    There's a bottle of wine already open, and--DAMN! There I go AGAIN!

  6. He went on to do marketing for Dahmer Brand Lunch Meats.

  7. Well maybe the extra pound was water weight...and not all those extra consumed calories. ;)

    In all seriousness what helped my husband is limiting the amount of times we eat out in a month. We try to go for a dinner date twice a month and I'm pretty strict with the money (since we only have one income) and we eat at home the rest of the time. The other thing we have recently been doing is cutting back on portions. We bought smaller plates! We originally had these gigantic IKEA ones. Holy god. Way too big.

    So you hit your fitness goal but your eating wasn't as good as you hoped, I get that. Eating is the hardest habit to change. (Food tastes soooo good and so does beer...) I only changed all my eating habits because I would suffer (serious pain) lol. But i have hope you have more will power than me.

    You can do it! I got yo back. (Not really...I'm not sure even sure what that means...or how it would even apply to this situation) But if you need me to have yo back. I got it.

  8. These are all excellent suggestions, particularly the plates. I did do most of the rest while burning off the original 70lbs in 2006. Must re-institute more.

    Thanks for having my back.

  9. It's tough to change your eating habits when you live with someone else who doesn't want to change.  Of course, everyone can benefit from eating healthy, but you obviously can't force it on your wife.  But maybe you could have a conversation with her to explain how important it is to you?  That might make it easier for her to understand and support you. 

    Good work on the walking, though!  And the little bit of running!  I know you can run again if you want to do it and building up slowly is the best way.  That's what I'm doing and so far so good!

    love that jogger quote :)

  10. The running depends on how well a nerve in my neck likes being bounced between two vertebrae that have already tried to kill it. So I have to watch how well it goes very carefully, or else end up needing a very risky operation. 
    I don't expect to be running 5k ever again, but getting away with a little sprint here and there occasionally is a recent gift.I try to keep things civil between my wife and I. After 23 years I know that for her this means not approaching many topics at all. It is what it is. But thanks for the kind thoughts. 

  11. I too ate of the Chinese food :( But I had way less than I normally would, and only 1 beer instead of 2-3 beers. So I'm not awesome, but I'm cutting down. My partner is supportive of the diet for the most part except when he can tell I really want something but am not eating it because of my diet. Then he tells me I'm beautiful and sexy - so I can indulge ;) BAD BOY!!

  12. Keep walking!! :)

  13. It's the little slip ups that keep us in line as long as we acknowledge them. We can't do anything until we realize what we struggle with. Keep up the good work!

  14. My spouse is trying to get on board with the diet but he's less interested in it than I am right now and his schedule is so weird that when I'm ready for a lighter meal he's starving for a bigger one.  So I feel your pain that challenge.  You logged a lot of miles and burned a good amount of calories - that's an accomplishment!  Good for your!  Hopefully this week goes even better for you!

  15. I think it's better if you aren't dead set on trying to eat together. That would work better for me. Still running this week. 

    Thanks. Hope it goes really well for you, too.

  16. I have not done well. There's a tweet on my TL about how someone exercised frequently and now can't stop eating and I'm sort of feeling like that. 

    It's one thing to burn it off, but I have to hold the line on the food. So tough this time around. Bleah.