Thursday, March 22, 2012

True Camping, Part the First: "First Blood"

Spring is here, despite the random sleet and hail. They took back that borrowed hour and it's all going to get better from here on in. Especially if I could photosynthesize food, and live outside.

My wife introduced me to the Camping Phenomenon shortly after we met, in the late '80's.

However, I grew up going to summer camp on a large island mostly devoted to that; young hippies looked after us when they weren't tanning or painting peace signs or boinking furiously as soon we had taken the drugged hot chocolate every night. Seriously. The church that paid the tab had no idea what was going on, nor what was to come. That's another post. Nevertheless, many good times, and a few really decent people made it worthwhile.

Later there were some crazy long hikes and a lot of sleeping out with just our pack of supplies. We got lost a couple of times, and hiked through the rough for 14 hours once. But it was all amazing.

Recipe Time: Monkey Curry

I have a post on the way, but I won't finish it today. Instead, please consider this curry recipe, which I have bastardized until it only reflects the way my family used to do it, and not really any region of India. 
Makes lots, and freezes really well. 

Update: There were no monkeys hurt making this curry. It's by a Monkey, for Monkeys like you all, and you can monkey around with it. If you put monkeys in it (or bats) you're on your own.* 

*You'd want to increase the cumin, pepper & ginger, for one thing. 
I mean, I would guess.