Friday, November 18, 2011

Xmas Dinner

Already looking forward to the Holidays, and the Xmas gorge-and-drink-a-thon.

One half of my people didn't invent any food; not cheese, nor decent sausage with fricking fennel, they just ate whatever they could find. All of it. 

Except for Hard Sauce: they invented Oreo filling, rolled it into balls and then fought each other to the death for it. 

That's considered a "rare treat" because our "stuffing" predates turkeys and involves a Lot of Balls.

It's mostly balls, with organs and stolen horsefeed, actually.
And entrails. Stuffed right into those bulging entrails.

Mmmm, entrails ... 

Wait a minute -- hard sauce, Brussels Sprouts, baked testicles? It's all balls!
Man, we are all about the balls for the holidays. I have eaten so very many.


  1. It's the one thing I can't abide.
    Here's the recipe:
    powdered sugar

    roll together into greasy balls
    powder with more sugar
    Serve cool when everyone thinks dessert is over, and enjoy the awkward mayhem:
    twenty overstuffed people lurching madly over a long table trying to eat every one of them while fighting each other off with the good silverware, ceramic reindeer and heavy candlesticks.Think of the ingredients when next you eat an Oreo. I can't do it any more.