Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Book!

Some time ago The Pish-Posh invited me to contribute to a collection of stories she was going to publish with The Lady in Red. Most of the blogs I love to read were involved. These are all hilarious and wonderfully talented writers (and artists), and I was thrilled to have been included.

The stories are all from our experience, and each one is a gem. I am responsible for two of them.
More on them later.

The book was just published as All Cracked Up, and is currently available here on Amazon for $2.99!

These are the writers:

Dogs on Drugs           
Creative Devolution

You can't find better anywhere. 


  1. Whoah, I'm in there?!? I was in the back, huffing drain cleaner, and next thing I knew, there's some sort of book I'm in. Fucking crazy!

  2. If that's your secret then I'm--AW! Liquid drain cleaner. Dang.