Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recipe Time: Enchiladas Acapulco

Like all my best recipes, I stole this from several sources and fiddled it into shape to my tastes. There are apparently many versions of this under the same name.

I have never been to Acapulco, but this recipe says good things about eating there. 

WARNING: This is off, off, OFF diet. But SO good.

Chicken Enchiladas Acapulco
Serves: 3-6

Picture from a slightly less complicated version, which also looks good.

1-3 c Chicken; shredded, cooked with chili powder & 1 chopped jalapenos,
1 Chopped jalapenos (3 total: 1 for chicken, 2 for sauce)
½ c Scallions; w/green; minced
½ c Almonds; ground
½ ts Salt
3 c Enchilada Chili Sauce; *
8   Fresh corn tortillas
¾ c Sour cream
1 c Shredded Cheddar cheese (or Monty Jack?)
½ c Sliced ripe olives
 --------- FOR GARNISH ---------

Sour cream and scallions (and cilantro?)
 --------- ENCHILADA SAUCE ---------
2 tb Vegetable oil
2 Chopped jalapenos (3 total: 1 for chicken, 2 for sauce)
¾ c Onion; chopped
1 c Green bell pepper; chopped
Garlic clove; minced
1 sm can Tomato paste
2 sm cans Green chiles (chopped if possible)
1-1 ½ c Tomatillos, chopped
1 c Chicken Stock
1 ts Chili powder; (or more)
½ ts Salt
1 ts Dried oregano

Preheat oven to 350 deg.
In small bowl, toss together cooked shredded chicken, scallions, and almonds.
Sprinkle on salt.
Mix and set aside.
To prepare chili sauce, heat oil in sauté pan over med-high heat; add onion, bell pepper, sauté for 3 minutes, or until just transparent. Add garlic, sauté for one minute.
Add tomatillos and jalapeños and sauté until vegetables are soft.
Stir in tomato paste, green chiles, water, chili powder, salt and oregano.
Stir well.
Lower heat, cover and simmer for 5 mins.
Liquefy in food processor, adding chicken stock to make a thick sauce.

Lightly oil bottom of shallow ovenproof casserole dish.
Dip a tortilla in hot sauce until partially saturated.
Then place tortilla in casserole dish; fill with 1/8 of chicken mixture, and top with 1 Tablespoon sour cream; roll into an enchilada.
Place in dish seam side down.
Repeat with remaining tortillas.
When casserole is filled, drizzle remaining sauce over top.
Sprinkle with cheese and top with olives.
Bake for 15 mins. or until cheese and sauce are hot and bubbling.
Serve with additional sour cream and chopped scallions on the side.

Dogs On Drugs has kindly noted that there is no prep time included, which is very remiss of me. Allow me to add:
It takes me about 90min to do anything requiring so much prep.
The actual cooking time is minimal.

If you have kids it takes 2hrs.
Locking kitchen door and headphones, maybe 1hr.


  1. (goes to get mop to clean up drool)

  2.  Mission Accomplished!

    In less than ten minutes.

  3. How long is the prep time on this, normally?  This looks like something to make on a weekend night.

  4. Thanks for asking, see above. It is a great weekend meal. 
    Complements a beer well, if you like one with dinner. 

  5. Yummy mcyummerton! Take away the animal bits and olives and cream, you've got yourself a deal.

    Beer with dinner. Ha! The meal is what you eat because you've had lots of beer and now absolutely must face plant inti cheesy creamy spicy goodness!

  6. Ok, I gave this recipe a whirl over the weekend.  A few notes:

    *   Sauce preparation calls for adding water, but does not say how much.  I didn't add any, and it tasted fine.

    *  Directions say to set aside jalapenos for chicken, but then doesn't mention anything about those again.  I just added them with the scallions and almonds.

    *  You might think that with all the jalapenos and chiles that this is spicy, but it is not.  My kids ate it without complaint (and they're usually a buncha whiners about spicy).  If you want it spicy, you'll need to tinker a bit.

    Anyway, although it does have a long prep time (110 minutes for me), it's a great recipe, and it went over very well with my family.  Definitely going on the list of fun weekend recipes to have while drinking a couple of late afternoon beers.

  7. So glad you all liked it. It's a favourite which I have not done in a year, but this weekend looks like an opportunity. Used to do it a lot when I wasn't eating more carefully.

    The first jalapeno goes into the chicken before you cook it shredded, so it ends up right where you had it, although more cooked. I might also leave it raw at that point to keep it livelier.

    The recipe isn't all that spicy to me, but I like The Sauce so I know my tastes are skewed.

    I was originally surprised at how well the almonds go in this.
    Wouldn't do it without them.

  8. Oh yum. I have a tried and true enchilada recipe I stick to, but this one, minus the chicken stock, is calling my name.

  9. I am proud to confirm that it passed through the D.O.D. Test Kitchen with a decent rating. I hope you enjoy it too.