Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome Aboard, it's LOVE!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love for Everyone

Thank heaven for the lover(s) and friends who make living worthwhile; rest assured that your love will deepen and grow as the years pass, and that life has many more treats in store for you both.
Milk of Human Kindness is sweet and filling, and it will keep your heart young. Science has proven that it will prolong your body as well as your soul's melody.

Finding each other really meant something, and changed the path of your lives. If anyone can make a difference in this crazy, hurly-burly world, even just to each other, it's you two!
It's suddenly possible now. Now that you're no longer alone.
Congratulations! Enjoy the day. 

Seriously. I'm happy for you.

We looked up and found another Special Moment to Treasure for Always.

Stop reading here. Go snuggle together.

When you've been on that road for long enough, things change. If you can't fit the stars back into your eyes any longer then there is always:

Ambivalent Obligation Day!
Valentine's Day for the Stoic Realists 

Time wears down all illusions. You're not the people you thought you could be. 
You are both the product of your time, and of your blood. You always were. 

No more denying it; if you enter a relationship on the hope that you both will blossom into some other super-people as you go, or that you will intertwine like neighboring trees then you are Doing It Wrong.
The Milk of Human Kindness has a date on it.
The Yoghurt of Complacency is only served plain.
Stop making that face and get used to it.

Love the one you're with, as much as you can. As they are. 
Give just what they'll take, take what they give graciously. 
Life is for the long haul.

Make that work, and you're Doing Something, if not Doing it Right. 

Decide not if that is enough, but if it could be.

And buy them a fucking card and some flowers or candy, already. 

The Church looks so romantic today!


  1. Oh kill me. The yoghurt of complacency. That's perfect. Why didn't I read this before. You're on my blogroll now so there is no escape from me ever. Congratulations.

    I love your writing.

  2. That it's the actual skull of St.Valentine. Be impressed.

    But we can both order them for our mantles.
    If you have limited space you can buy the age nine version!

  3. I would rather have the skull thingy in the last pic for a Valentine's gift rather than flowers.

    I am reminded of the episode of Ugly Americans with the tree twining - so romantic.